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Software at Scale 51 - Usage based Pricing with Puneet Gupta

Software at Scale 51 - Usage based Pricing with Puneet Gupta

Puneet Gupta is the co-founder and CEO of Amberflo, a cloud metering and usage based pricing platform.

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Amberflo - Cloud Metering and Usage-Based Pricing and Billing Platform

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In this episode, we discuss Puneet’s fascinating background early at AWS as a GM and his early experience at Oracle Cloud. We initially discuss why AWS shipped S3 as its first product before any other services. After, we go over the cultural differences between AWS and Oracle, and how usage based pricing and sales tied into the organization’s culture and efficiency.

Our episode covers all the different ways organizations align themselves better when pricing is directly tied to the usage metrics of customers. We discuss how SaaS subscription models are simply reworking of traditional software licenses, how vendors can dispel fears around overages due to dynamic pricing models, and even why Netflix should be a usage-based-priced service :-)

We don’t have a show notes, but I thought it would be interesting to link the initial PR newsletter for S3’s launch, to reflect on how our industry has completely changed over the last few years.