Apr 17 • 28M

Software at Scale 56 - SaaS cost with Roi Rav-Hon

Disclaimer: you might hear how tired I am of Datadog bills throughout this episode.

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Roi Rav-Hon is the co-founder and CEO of Finout, a SaaS cost management platform.

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In this episode, we review the challenge of maintaining reasonable SaaS costs for tech companies. Usage-based pricing models of infrastructure costs lead to a gradual ramp-up of costs and always have sneakily come up as a priority in my career as an infrastructure/platform engineer. So I’m particularly interested in how engineering teams can better understand, track, and “shift left” infrastructure cost tracking and prevent regressions.

We specifically go over Kubernetes cost management, and why cost management needs to be attributable to the most specific teams in order to be self-governing in an organization.