Jan 7, 2022 • 36M

Software at Scale 40 - Talent Management with Nikita Gupta

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Nikita Gupta is a Co-Founder & CTO at Symba, a platform that helps manage talent development programs like internships.

Internships are one of the most effective ways for hiring at a software company, but there’s a lot of work that goes into managing successful interns. With hiring getting harder across the industry due to increased competition and funding, I thought it would be interesting to dive into understanding how to manage successful internship programs.

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0:30 - What is Symba?

1:30 - Starting with the hot-takes. So, are college degrees overrated now?

5:30 - Why do I need a software platform to manage internships?

8:50 - Why do companies generally need to manage 8 - 10 platforms for internships? What have you seen?

10:30 - As a software engineer or manager, how do I make my intern successful?

13:30 - Cadence of check-ins

16:30 - With remote interns, how do you build a successful community?

18:50 - How do I measure the success/efficacy of my internship program?

21:00 - How do I know that my intern mentors/hosts are doing a good job?

25:00 - What are some concrete steps that I can take to increase my intern pool’s diversity? What should I track?

27:30 - What are some trends in the intern hiring space?

32:00 - Government investments in internship programs

33:00 - What’s your advice to the first-time intern mentor/host?