Jul 15, 2021 • 44M

Software at Scale 27 - Itiel Schwartz: CTO and Co-Founder, Komodor

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Itiel Schwartz is the CTO and Co-Founder of Komodor, a Kubernetes troubleshooting platform. Previously, he was one of the founding engineers at Rookout.

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We discuss two major themes in this episode: the rise of Kubernetes as a popular orchestration platform, and the need for using an integrated service to understand and debug Kubernetes deployments.


9:30 - When should a startup consider using a more heavy-duty system like Kubernetes, vs. managed platforms like AWS Fargate? What are the advantages of using Kubernetes over these platforms?

18:00 - What are the new developments in the Kubernetes world? Why it may make sense in the future to run stateful services like databases on Kubernetes. Open Policy Agent

25:00 - The motivation behind starting a Kubernetes focused company

28:00 - What’s the biggest gap that Kubernetes users face while debugging their deployments? And how does Komodor help with that?

39:00 - The surprising rise of Observability teams across smaller companies