Software at Scale 26 - Tramale Turner: Head of Engineering, Traffic at Stripe


Tramale Turner is the Head of Engineering, Traffic at Stripe. Previously, he was a Senior Engineering Manager at F5 Networks and a Senior Manager at Nintendo.

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This episode has an unexpectedly deep dive into security and compliance at Stripe. We discuss Stripe’s philosophy and approach towards building secure systems, achieving compliance standards like PCI, and complex requirements like data locality laws.


05:00 - Growth at Stripe

09:00 - A sampling of challenges involved in being a payments provider

11:00 - Stripe API traffic is much lower than the traditional large companies with Traffic teams like Google/Facebook/Netflix. Why does Stripe need a Traffic team/group?

16:00 - Stripe’s innovative approach with an embargo for credit card numbers from most of their platform. Idempotency keys.

20:00 - Compliance automation at Stripe!

30:00 - Should the entire organization need to know and care about compliance? Or should teams provide internal platforms to abstract away compliance concerns?

36:00 - Data Governance and locality laws.

45:00 - Security’s relationship with Compliance, and how Stripe thinks about security

53:00 - How to build teams that need to achieve such lofty goals?