Software at Scale 16 - Nipunn Koorapati: ex Software Engineer, Dropbox


Nipunn Koorapati was a Software Engineer at Dropbox, where he worked on two distinct areas - Developer Productivity and Client Sync. He drove many initiatives like consolidating various repositories into a server-side monorepo (read more here), and was part of a high leverage project to rewrite the sync engine, a core part of Dropbox’s business.

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I worked with Nipunn in 2020, and we discovered interesting but unsurprising similarities between the software challenges facing Git and Dropbox. We explore some of the reasons why a tech organization might want to consolidate repositories, some of the improvements being developed into Git like partial clones and sparse checkouts, the similarities between Git and Dropbox, how to think about and roll out a massive, business-critical rewrite, and more.